Steve and Debbie Miller’s Recovery Story

Couple who goes through rehab together is again doing the things they love together.

2017 has been a tough year for me and my wife Debbie to say the least. As a result of shoveling snow in January, I suffered a tear in the muscles around my hip and was left completely incapacitated. Then in May, Debbie had surgery for severe back pain that required rehabilitation care. We both chose Raleigh Court Health and Rehabilitation Center for our recoveries and have only great things to say about the care we received.

For my own recovery, we had a chance to prepare before my rehabilitation stay. Having been through physical therapy at home before, I knew that wasn’t a good option for me – I needed much more assistance, and needed a higher level of care than I could get at home on my own.

Debbie and I toured several local centers and did quite a bit of research. After looking at all the options, we decided that Raleigh Court Health and Rehabilitation Center was definitely the best choice. The center is very modern, comfortable, and all the staff were very helpful in answering all our questions and helping me understand every step of my recovery. Raleigh Court Health & Rehabilitation also has a great reputation in our area. People who have been patients have consistently excellent feedback about their experience, and that was a big part of why we chose them for our recovery.

Pre-registering for my stay was very helpful, and I’m glad that I took the time to do that beforehand. It made the transition after my hospital stay very smooth. I was able to start my therapy literally as soon as I arrived. It was also a good feeling sort of knowing what to expect. Since I’d already toured the center and met the therapists I’d be working with, I really felt like I was ready to dive right in and start working on my recovery as soon as I got there.

Debbie’s recovery was especially impressive. After her back surgery, she was at Raleigh Court Health & Rehabilitation Center for just under three weeks. She has undergone a number of other back surgeries, and for most of them it has taken more like 3-4 months to get back on her feet. The LifeWorks Rehab program helped her get recovered so much faster.

Both my wife’s and my experience at Raleigh Court Health & Rehabilitation were outstanding. Our LifeWorks Rehab therapists were very personable and easy to relate to. We felt like we developed very close personal relationships with them. They cared for us, and we came to care very much for them, too. Overall, the atmosphere was very welcoming and team oriented. We always felt that we had a great team on our side, that we were never in it alone. We felt a real sense of family at Raleigh Court Health & Rehabilitation Center, and felt incredibly well supported.

Now that we’re both back home, we’re both doing very well. Debbie, in particular, feels better than she has felt in years. We’re able to go trout fishing together and are hoping to get out on the hiking trails again very soon. LifeWorks Rehab has helped us get back to the things we love faster than we would have ever expected.